Shepard Schools

High School Prep Program

Working with the belief that many bright young people are otherwise frustrated in their academic careers by diverse and often complex emotional/behavioral issues, the Shepard Schools High School Program seeks to offer a full college preparatory curriculum to students who can benefit from an enhanced level of individualized instruction.

Most Shepard students continue on to college, ranging from community colleges to some of our nationally renowned universities.

Who It's For

Students in grades 9-12 with significant behavioral disabilities (ADHD, Bipolar Illness, Asperger's Syndrome, etc.), who are not presently meeting the
academic and social demands of a regular middle school setting, even with access to special education services.

How It Works:

The curriculum offered at Shepard Preparatory High School reflects the college preparatory programs of high schools in New Jersey. The courses offered range from those required by state and individual districts for graduation, to selected advanced placement courses.

All courses are aligned with the N.J. Core Curriculum Content Standards, with sequences in English and Language Arts studies (American, British and World Literature); Social Studies (required World History and U.S. History, electives in American Government and Economics, Sociology and Psychology); Mathematics (General Math, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus); Lab Sciences (Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics), as well as Spanish, Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Computer Technology, Physical Education, Health and Driver's Education.

Shepard Schools have been certified by the College Board to offer Advanced Placement Courses in areas such as Literature and Composition, American History, and Physics

Learn more about Advanced Placement Courses

Students can choose to take part in a program of After School Activities, offered Monday through Thursday at Shepard Preparatory High School (Monday-Thursday) in Morristown. Students can choose the number of days they would like to attend, with a homework club, academic tutoring and a variety of recreational activities offered under the program.

Shepard Preparatory High School sponsors a select group of students in their senior year to participate in the Shepard Challenger Program. Students are transported to the County College of Morris campus to take a college level class for credit during their regular school day. Students are introduced to the Disability Services and Testing Center on campus, so that they may learn to advocate for themselves as adult students.

Shepard Preparatory High School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools. Accreditation is a prestigious achievement that requires thorough examination of a school’s effectiveness, climate, performance, and overall quality of education.

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