Shepard Schools

Elementary School Program

Regardless of their social background, no matter how they present themselves to the world, all children want the same things in life— and at the Shepard Elementary School Program, we strive to find the key that unlocks each student’s individual potential, by providing a warm, nurturing environment in which self-esteem and personal growth can flourish.

The Shepard Elementary School Program incorporates all subject areas, as addressed in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (formerly called the New Jersey Core Content Curriculum Standards) to help students prepare for and cope with the demands of the classroom, through a policy of individualized instruction and behavior modification intervention.

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Who It's For

Students in elementary school grades with significant behavioral disabilities
(Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Mood and Anxiety disorders, as well as concomitant learning problems, etc.),
who are not presently meeting the academic and social demands of a regular elementary school setting, even with access to special education services.

How It Works:

The Elementary School Program at Shepard Schools recognizes the fact that many students struggle with emotional and behavioral immaturities which can interfere with everything from their self-esteem, respect and tolerance for others, to their academic motivation, ability to process information, and facility at solving problems.

Our program works within state Student Learning Standards to equip students with the tools they need to achieve their potential in a mainstream school setting.

We also provide speech/ language therapy, and occupational therapy. A full arts program is offered, including instruction in the arts, drama and musical instruments. students participate in assemblies, seasonal events, art exhibitions, drama productions, chorus and talent shows.

Students participate in a school-wide behavior modification program that utilizes an empirically driven set of behavioral and social skills training strategies. The program is modified on an individual basis in order to meet the unique needs of each student.

Social emotional skills learning occurs throughout each school day via instruction in the classroom, counseling, infusion into our behavioral modification program, and using teachable moments to help generalize and reinforce skills. Additionally, students participate in both group and individual counseling sessions which focus on the development of adaptive communication, relationship building, social and interpersonal skills.