Shepard Schools


The Shepard School mission is the enhancement of educational and social functioning of each student with an eye toward the successful reintegration into public school.

This is achieved through a persistent system of positive reinforcement, feedback, counseling intervention and individualized academic instruction.  Consequently communication among students, staff, parents and the sending districts is an integral part of achieving our mission. Shepard Schools strive to provide the best quality education to students by stimulating the growth and development of their moral, creative, intellectual and athletic skills.

Our goal is improved academic performance and behavioral changes that will allow students to return to public school setting and/or achieve success in their post-secondary placements. We believe any child, despite their presenting behavior and social background, wants acceptance, achievement, knowledge and the ability to interact with others. We strive to find the key that unlocks the individual potential of each student by providing a warm, nurturing environment so that each student’s self-esteem and potential may flourish.