Shepard Schools


  • Highly structured, individualized
    learning environment

    The Shepard Schools allow
    students to learn in a place that
    features an involved and caring
    staff, with a low student-to-teacher
    ratio. In addition, each campus

    features large classrooms, physical
    education facilities, library and
    state of the art media technology.

  • Differentiated Instruction

    Shepard Schools offer a variety of
    curriculums from Advanced Place-
    ment courses to vocationally
    oriented courses. Instruction is
    differentiated to address the
    learning requirements of each
    student. Additionally, we offer
    Supplemental Instruction and
    remediation in Mathematics
    and Reading.

  • Diverse Academic Programs

    Shepard Schools offer all core
    curriculum subjects, with foreign
    language instruction, speech
    /language therapy, occupational
    therapy and athletics. A full arts
    program is offered, including
    instruction in the arts, drama and
    musical instruments. Students
    participate in assemblies, seasonal
    events, art exhibitions, drama pro-
    ductions, chorus and talent shows.

  • Athletic Programs

    Shepard Schools offer a structured
    and comprehensive athletic
    program, with interschool
    competitive sports including
    Softball, Basketball and Wrestlin

  • Assistive Technology

    Shepard Schools offer students
    access to classroom computers
    and computer labs, with state of
    the art equipment and supervised
    Internet activity. Shepard assigns
    an AlphaSmart computer for each
    student for the school year. These
    computers can be taken home to
    use for homework.

  • PSAT, SAT and ACT

    Shepard Schools can administer
    the PSAT, SAT and ACT as well as
    the AP Exams on site. The SAT and
    the ACT are given multiple times
    during the school year.

  • State Mandated Testing

    Shepard administers the PARCC,
    NJBCT (Biology), NJASK Grade 4 & 8
    Science Test, DLM and the APA.

  • Parent Groups

    Parents are invited to attend
    groups which focus on various
    topics, including transition
    planning, parent training and other
    informational topics relevant to
    our students’ unique concerns.

  • Parent/Teacher Collaboration

    The teachers at Shepard Schools
    make weekly parent phone calls
    to report on student progress.
    Additionally, parents are encour-
    aged to contact Shepard Schools
    whenever they wish to discuss
    the needs of their child.

  • Psycho-educational Assessment

    Shepard Schools offer
    Psycho-educational assessments
    to those students in need of
    transition testing in their junior
    and senior years.

  • Behavioral Incentives

    Shepard Schools offer a compre-
    hensive behavior management
    system, which includes a point
    program and access to a school
    store where students can purchase
    items as DVDs and iPODs with their
    points. Privilege incentives such as
    bagel breakfasts, pizza lunches,
    Chinese buffet lunches, fishing
    trips and sports outings are
    also available.

  • Transition Services

    A Transition to High School
    Program is made available to
    students in grades 7 and 8, with
    High School level students access-
    ing Transition Planning Services
    that include College and Post
    Secondary exploration and

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