Shepard Schools


    Shepard Schools offers a comprehensive arts program that includes Art
    Therapy and instruction in the Fine Arts, Drama, Musical Instruments
    and Digital Photography/Video. Students participate in the Morris
    County Teen Arts Exhibition, stage a Drama production in a professional
    theater setting, and present both Winter and Spring Chorus performances, as well as a School-Wide Talent Show.


    From Weightlifting to Chess, Cooking to Computers, Robotics and
    Rocketry, Shepard Schools offers a wide variety of ways in which
    students can express their talents in a supportive social setting.
    Students can help their peers through the School Council, help
    their neighbors through the Community Service Club, or help
    themselves discover a new area of interest through Aerobics,
    Cinema, Culinary Club and more.


    Shepard Schools offers students a chance to succeed through
    teamwork in competitive sporting activities such as Girls or Boys Basket-
    ball as well as Volleyball, Softball, Wrestling and Flag Football.
    Swimming and Bowling are also offered as extracurricular activities, and
    the school session is highlighted by Wrestling and Basketball Tournaments, a Foul Shot competition, and Student-Faculty games.


    Shepard Schools students can enjoy numerous in-school
    assemblies and off-premises field trips throughout the school
    year, from an opportunity to take in a Broadway show or profes-
    sional sporting event, to a chance to go fishing or horseback
    riding in the great outdoors. Pizza lunches, bagel breakfasts and
    multicultural events are also part of the fun, in a setting that’s
    both academically and socially stimulating.