The Bridge Component

The Bridge Component is a collaborative shared-time venture between the sending public school district and Shepard Schools, in which resources are pooled to meet the needs of the "in between" students who have difficulty functioning academically and behaviorally in the mainstream setting — but who still benefit from interaction with their peers. Thanks to this unique program, Shepard's full-time tuition rate for "shared students" can be pro-rated to nearly half the cost — without sacrificing any of the comprehensive supports and services offered to our full-time pupils.

The Bridge Component through shepard schools

The Bridge Component is for middle and high school students who need intensive behavioral intervention and differentiated academic instruction for part of the day — but who also need social interaction in a mainstream environment. These students may have trouble handling the social situations and academic requirements in regular academic classes — yet with the right cou nseling and academic support, they can perform well in elective subjects, physical education classes and/or extra-curricular activities.

Bridge Component students attend AM or PM sessions at Shepard Sch and social/behavioral intervention components of the program. The students attend their home district schools during the other half of the school day, for electives, extra-curricular and/or other social activities offered in the mainstream environment.

For more information on the Shepard Outreach Program please contact us (973) 984-1600